April 24, 2020

Resources for Front-line Employees


The TRT program is here to express our condolences and offer support as the hospitality industry recovers from the effects of COVID-19. We have compiled the following resources in the hope that it may be helpful to you and your family during this challenging time. 


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¿Habla usted español? El Programa de Investigación Dirigida (TRT, por sus siglas en inglés) se dedica a proveer recursos para ayudar a los empleados en la industria de hospitalidad a navegar este momento difícil. A continuación, encontrará enlaces a recursos que pueden ayudarlo a usted o su familia. Los recursos pueden ayudarle a mantenerse actualizado con información sobre COVID-19, encontrar asistencia financiera, encontrar empleo alternativo durante este tiempo, o lidiar con el estrés o las dificultades de salud mental. El Programa TRT no ofrece ninguna garantía sobre la disponibilidad o idoneidad de esta información para su situación y cualquier acción que usted realice al consultar la información en este sitio web es estrictamente bajo su propio riesgo. La información contenida en estos sitios web no refleja necesariamente las opiniones del programa TRT ni de nuestra agencia de financiación, el Centro de Educación e Investigación Sunshine, o el Instituto Nacional de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional. Estamos dedicados a proveer recursos para empleados de hospitalidad que no hablan inglés. Muchos de los recursos a continuación se ofrecen en español y han sido traducidos por sus fuentes originales. Para cualquier recurso que no esté traducido en su fuente original, puede usar el navegador Google Chrome para traducir el material. Haga clic aquí para un video en español que muestra cómo usar el navegador Google Chrome para traducir material del inglés a otro idioma.


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The following resources provide information regarding what to do when you lose your job, as well as assistance programs that may be available to you.

Title Source Summary
What to Do When You Lose Your Job Career Tool Belt This source provides actionable steps you can take to address immediate concerns (finances, healthcare, etc.) as well as move toward getting back on your feed (e.g. revamp your resume, review job listings, etc.)
How to apply for unemployment in Florida WFTV 9 News
Worried About Making Rent? Here are Assistance Programs Available in Central Florida During Coronavirus Pandemic WFTV 9 News This source outlines specific programs for multiple counties throughout the Central Florida area.
How to Search for a Job During the Pandemic UCF Today
Looking For A Job? These Places Are Hiring in Florida Amid the Pandemic NBC Miami A routinely updated list of employers hiring in Florida.
Talent Exchange Eightfold AI If your work has been impacted by COVID-19, this platform can help you find new employment quickly, as well as stay up-to-date with the most current job listings in your area. Please see the following link for more details.
Amazon is hiring Amazon
Health Insurance Providers Respond to Coronavirus America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Includes coverage change information in response to COVID-19, including waved copays and improvements in coverage.
Unemployment, Healthcare, and Business Resources on Benefits.gov Benefits.gov
FloridaJobs Florida Department of Econimic Opportunity

The following resources provide ways you can make a bit of money from the comfort of your own home, as well as information regarding job opportunities in Florida.

Title Source Summary
Protect yourself financially from the impact of COVID-19 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Paid Clinical Trials U.S. National Library of Medicine This source outlines paid programs for multiple counties throughout the Central Florida area.
10 Reasons to Participate in a Research Study MyLocalStudy.com This resource makes a case for participating in research studies, with links for participation opportunities. These may be particularly useful if one is looking to supplement their income with remote work.
Online MTurk Worker Opportunities Amazon Mechanical Turk The Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) marketplace consists of thousands of paid tasks that virtually anyone can sign up to do.
GreenPath Financial Wellness GreenPath A national non-profit organization that provides learning opportunities and resources to support individual’s financial wellness. Free resources include budgeting worksheets and articles on preparing for financial emergencies and dealing with income loss.

Title Source Summary
Free Meals for Kids by Summer BreakSpot Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; Division of Food, Nutrition and Wellness Many Florida schools are offering free meals to students 18 and under during COVID-19 closures. This website allows you to search for participating schools in your area.
Interventions for Online Therapy with Youth Guidance Teletherapy Family Counseling This source provides links to a series of fun activities and resources for your kids and teens, as well as information for parents desiring to get their kids involved in teletherapy.
Over 30 Virtual Field Trips This source provides links to virtual tours that you and your kids can take—including zoos, museums, and even Mars! Many of these links also include activities for your kids to complete.
Free Resources for Families & Teachers Florida Department of Education A thorough list of free resources for all subjects from K-12, as well as at-home learning. Includes resources in Spanish and for English Language Learners.
Improve Sleep: Tips to Improve Your Sleep When Times are Tough CDC This resource discusses the importance of sleep, as well as information regarding how to improve your sleep.

Title Source Summary
Cleaning and disinfection guidance for hospitality to safeguard employees and guests against COVID-19 Ecolab
CDC/EPA Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidance Centers for Disease Control; Environmental Protection Agency
Disinfecting Your Facility Centers for Disease Control

If you find that you have some extra time on your hands, you may want to work on continuing to develop your skills and further your education. The following resources can provide a structured means for you to achieve those goals.

Title Source Summary
Build Skills with Online Courses from Top Institutions Coursera This resource provides access to free, online educational courses that allows users to learn skills and earn certificates or degrees.

Title Source Summary
UCF RESTORES offering mental health assistance during the pandemic UCF RESTORES
Coping with Stress Centers for Disease Control CDC’s recommendations regarding the management of anxiety and stress.
COVID-19 Information and Resource Guide National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Coronavirus and Mental Health: Taking Care of Ourselves During Infectious Disease Outbreaks American Psychiatric Association This resource provides a short list of helpful recommendations to protect the mental health of one’s family and themselves during an infectious disease outbreak.
Coronavirus: Overcoming the Loneliness of Social Distancing The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) This article presents suggestions for combating feelings of loneliness associated with social isolation and ways to stay socially connected at home.
Build Your Resilience in the Face of a Crisis Harvard Business Review Provides suggestions on ways to build resilience and manage stress while dealing with difficult personal and professional experiences.

Title Source Summary
What you need to know now about COVID-19 in Florida Florida Department of Health A repository of data, interactive maps, and infographics of the current situation in Florida, updated daily. Includes informative reports.
U.S. Government Response to COVID-19 USA.gov A thorough list of resources for individuals, families, and businesses, as well as an overview of the U.S. government’s response to the pandemic across many areas of impact.

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