Welcome to the Transportation Research Group (TRG) website!  Our research laboratory focuses on enhancing surface and aviation transportation safety and efficiency through applied research, design validation and training systems support.

UCF provides TRG with the multidisciplinary capabilities of a major university, including academic strengths in applied psychology and engineering. TRG research is concerned with the behavioral, environmental and engineering factors in traffic safety. Specific areas of research include driving simulation, training, high-risk drivers, in-vehicle navigational systems, increased congestion, driver workload, driver fatigue, high speed pursuit, and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Keep your hands on the wheel, keep your eyes on the road, and keep your mind focused on driving.

– Dr. Mark Lee Edwards (May 2001). Testimony before the U.S. Congress on the danger of using telematic devices while driving.  Supported by empirical data from the TRG (Dr. Mouloua, Principal Investigator; AAA Technical Report, June 2001).