Research Assistant Profiles


The Transportation Research Group (TRG) provides undergraduate students who are interested in research the opportunity to get hands-on experience working with participants, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting our research at local, regional, and international conferences. Research Assistants (RAs) benefit from the resources made available through UCF’s Psychology Department and the TRG lab while learning to conduct empirical research projects under the supervision of experienced human factors psychologists. Listed below are the undergraduate students currently working on projects within the TRG labs, as well as a comprehensive list of the undergraduate RAs who have been involved in the past.



Aviation & Aerospace Lab

Caroline Deck

Major: Psychology

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2021

“Hi, my name is Caroline Deck. I am pursuing my bachelor’s in psychology with a concentration in human factors. I started working for the TRG lab in the Summer of 2020. I am enjoying my experience with the lab and am looking forward to getting more involved in research.”



Jeremy Kosluk

Major: Psychology – Human Factors

Anticipated Graduation:

“Hello! My name is April Kosluk, and I am currently a Human Factors Psychology undergraduate. I have an interest in aviation as well as psychology, and am here to learn how those two worlds intercept. My dreams are to one day go to Embry Riddle for their Human Factors doctorate program, and to maybe one day work for NASA, however I’m taking things one step at a time, and am going wherever the tides take me. On a more personal note though, I love playing video games, enjoy listening to and creating music, and adore cats!”


Daniela Miele

Major: Psychology – Human Factors

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2021

“Hi name is Daniela Miele! I am an undergraduate student pursuing my Bachelors in Human Factors Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Sciences. I am excited to begin my research in the Aviation study, as I always had a passion for aerospace and automation. I plan to continue my studies onto graduate school and ultimately obtain my Ph.D. in Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology. In my free time I love to spend time with my friends and family.”




Surface Transportation Lab

Enilda Velazquez

Major: Psychology – Human Factors

Minors: Cognitive Science & Intelligence and National Security

“I am currently a Junior seeking a B.S. in the Human Factors Psychology Track with minors in Cognitive Science and Intelligence and National Security. My present research follows personality influences on driver aggression and driver distraction. I began participating in the Surface Transportation Lab group in May of 2019. I intend on applying to a Ph. D. program in Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology after graduation, where I hope to further her research in performance optimization, and influencers of cognitive workload. I also enjoy playing piano, reading fiction novels, and playing video games during my free time.”



Kaitlin Stanford

Major: Psychology – Clinical

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2022

“Hi! My name is Kaitlin. I am majoring in Psychology with a particular interest in clinical and specific diagnoses. The Human Factors research labs allow me to take a look at psychology from a different stance than the focus of my major, and I love that both tracks can come together. Upon graduation, I plan on attending graduate school to continue research and eventually enter academia. I love spending free days relaxing at the beach and I love to dance!”

Maxwell Stolarenko

Major: Psychology

Anticipated Graduation:

“My name is Maxwell Stolarenko. I finished my first two years of college at Valencia Community College and transferred to the University of Central Florida currently for my junior year and later my senior year. I also plan to attend graduate school here as well. My main interests of study are Human Factors Psychology and Cognitive Psychology because I like learning more about how people and technology interact. I joined this research because I wanted to both get hands-on experience with a research study and to experience what Human Factors Psychology is like in person. In my free time I enjoy games, music, and listening to podcasts.”



Neurolinguistics Lab

Eric Bellevue (Lab lead)

Major: Health Sciences

Minor: Psychology

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2021

“My name is Eric Bellevue, and I am a junior with a major in health sciences and a minor in psychology. My research interest are primarily invested with neuroscience and hopefully I will be able to branch into other fields while going forward and eventually pursuing my doctorate. When I have free time I love to read, game, workout and look for new places to eat copious amounts of food. Fun fact: Starbucks is the way to my heart.”



Deanna Dunlop

Majors: Psychology & Anthropology

Anticipated Graduation:

“Hi! My name is Deanna. I am a third-year dual-degree Psychology and Anthropology Major. I work for the Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA) as a learning assistant. I am also a psychology peer advisor, in Psi Chi club, Psychological Society club, a UTA for multiple psychology courses, and Vice President of the American Sign Language club here at UCF. After my undergraduate, I hope to obtain my masters overseas, and work towards my Ph.D to become a professor in psychology/anthropology. When I am not doing school work, I like to travel, cook, and snuggle my dog.”


Denitsa Kaneva

Major: Psychology – Clinical

Anticipated Graduation

“My name is Denitsa Kaneva. I’m majoring in Psychology on the clinical track. After graduation, I hope to pursue a doctorate degree in Forensic Psychology. Being a part of the Neurolinguistics lab gives me a chance to expand my area of interest, and as I speak multiple languages myself, it makes it extra interesting and useful for me to be able to understand more about myself like that. In my free time I like to listen to podcasts, hike and watch crime documentaries.”



Esther Legiste

Major: Psychology

Minor: Spanish

Anticipated Graduation:

“Hello! I am currently a junior here at the University of Central Florida and majoring in psychology with a minor in Spanish. I love learning new languages, roller skating, and watching killer whale videos! I have always been super interested in learning languages and being able to communicate with people from different backgrounds and experiences, and I intend on pursuing a graduates degree with research particular to the cultural influences on cognitive processes and capacities!”



Nia Ngo

Major: Psychology – Clinical

Anticipated Graduation:

“Hello, my name is Nia Ngo. I am majoring in Psychology-Clinical Psychology Track. I have a strong interest in the brain, I am always curious about how the brain works and what leads us to make a certain decision. My goal is to become Physician Assistant. I love nature and always down to go hiking, camping, or kayaking.”





Trucvy Nguyen (Lab lead)

Major: Health Sciences – Pre-Clinical

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2021

“Hello, my name is Trucvy Nguyen and I am currently an undergrad pursuing a Pre-Clinical Health Sciences degree. I am originally from Vietnam and immigrated over to the United States in 2006. As a bilingual, I was very interested to learn about the difference in which monolinguals processes language compared to bilinguals. In the future, I plan to take the MCAT and pursue a career in medicine specializing in cardiology. In my free time I love to read, practice yoga, paint, and try out new café shops.”



Raajsria Thoppay

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Minor: Psychology

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2020

“Hello, my name is Raajsria Thoppay. I am a senior majoring in biomedical sciences with a minor in psychology. I aspire to be in a career field where I can drive my passion towards helping others through healthcare as well as integrating my love for the sciences. I am excited to be a part of the research involving neurolinguistics and have a research interest in neuroscience. In my free time, I really enjoy running, crocheting and have a passion for the arts such as painting.”



Daniela Velez

Major: Health Sciences – Pre-Clinical

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2021

“Hi! My name is Daniela Velez and I am an undergrad pursuing a degree in Health Sciences Pre-Clinical. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and transferred to UCF from the University of Puerto Rico in Spring 2018. As a fluent Spanish-English bilingual, I was very eager to enter the Neurolinguistics lab and learn about how bilingualism affects language comprehension. I am currently the Secretary of Pre-Med AMSA and am preparing to apply to medical school in the upcoming year with the end goal of specializing in Pediatrics. In my free time, I love going to Disney, creating content for my Instagram account, and spending time with friends and family.”


Former Research Assistants

Special thanks to those who have helped with our research over the years:

Maickel Accladios

Andrea Alfonsi

Chelsea Ameda

Emily Asaro

Eagle Bui

Haylee Breitinger

Sofia Cannavina

Andrew Carleton

Stephanie Castelin

Sophia Cawthorn

Naomi Christy

Logan Clark

Caroline Clayton

Michael Corbisiero

Vitor Da Costa

Elizabeth DeLuque

Mayan Derhy

Tiana Diaz

Lauren Dobrie

Dania Fadhli

Zamira Feliz

Gabriella Fiorino

Carolina Geiman

Miranda Gener Betancourt

Anna Guidubaldi

Melanie Hernandez

Jesssica Hoang

Ian Hughes

Tasneem Islam

Perla Jimenez Herrera

Isabel Hoffman

Stephanie Jimenez

Yaqub Kassoo

Swathi Krishnan

Matthew Lawlor

Paola Luigi

Natallia Machecha

Marcelle Mehu

Makayla Mench

Edgar Metke

Salim Mouloua

Alexandra Olafsson

David Oswald

Ana Parez

Mackensie Parliment

Zachary Peart

Isabelle Perez

Rebecca Pharmer

Marcos Pimentel

Gabriella Prieto

Mery Ramirez

Gabriella Rousseau

Lane Sager

Stephanie Scott

Cole Sebastian

Joshua Thomas

Samantha Van De Ven

Juliana Voelker

Juan Manuel Alzate Vanegas

Memona Zafar