CFE 2017 Lending Analytics Competition Winners

UCF’s winning team: Yanmei Patella, Jingrong Dai, Mingming Zhou; facutly advisor: Daoji Li, Ph.D.; CFE’s team: Jason Mizrahi, Kristen Ward and Daniel Kenon

On March 22, UCF hosted its annual Data Analytics Symposium, featuring professors and industry professionals as keynote speakers. During the event, CFE announced the top three teams for CFE 2017 Lending Analytics Competition, and the first-place winners had the opportunity to present their findings. CFE awarded a total of $5,000 in scholarships to the winning teams. The top three teams are:

  • 1st place — Team 14: Mingming Zhou, Jingrong Dai, Yanmei Patell
  • 2nd place — Team 4: Christen Lucido, Leah Neagele, Sean Davis
  • 3rd place — Team 10: Md Shakil Zaman, Jie Xiong, Qing He, Michael Koller

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