Charissa de Bekker, PhD

Principal Investigator

Charissa is an assistant professor in the Biology Department and a member of the Genomics and Bioinformatics Cluster at UCF.

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William Beckerson, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

William is working on the functional characterization of candidates manipulator compounds produced by Ophiocordyceps. More info coming soon!

Graduate Researchers

Biplabendu Das, Msc

PhD Student

Biplabendu aims to understand the role of circadian clocks in ant life-history traits, ant behavior, and parasitic manipulation of those behaviors. He is using both field and lab studies, combining behavioral ecology, circadian biology, and genomics.

Ian Will, MSc,

PhD Student, ORC Doctoral Fellow

Ian is seeks to understand the tools that behavior manipulating parasites use to modify their hosts. His research strives to link genes, mechanisms, and behavioral outputs. Ian’s research combines genomics, metabolomics and gene editing tools.

Sophia Vermeulen, BSc

MSc Student

More info coming soon.

Roos Brouns, BSc

MSc Student

More info coming soon.

Undergraduate Researchers

Ranya Awad

Devin Burris

Kamryn Jonathan

Sara Linehan

Zaynah Shahab

Alexander Wise

Graduate Alumni

Thienthanh Trinh, MSc

Brittany Lebert, MSc



Undergraduate Alumni

Andrea Bender

Simon Barnett

Eric Chiriboga

Hannah Christensen

Andre Fidel

Meghan Flynn

Hanniah Myers

Renee Ouellette

Christian Polania

Brianna Santamaria

Alec Santiago

Anna White