Publications on fungal entomopathogens, other parasites, and insect behavior:

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Time-course RNASeq of Camponotus floridanus forager and nurse ant brains indicate links between plasticity in the biological clock and behavioral division of labor
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Getting lost: the fungal hijacking of ant foraging behaviour in space and time
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Ophiocordyceps-ant interactions as an integrative model to understand the molecular basis of parasitic behavioral manipulation.
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Within the fortress: A specialized parasite is not discriminated against in a social insect society.
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Link to paper de Bekker, C., Will, I., Hughes, D.P., Brachmann, A., Merrow, M. (2017):
Daily rhythms and enrichment patterns in the transcriptome of the behavior-manipulating parasite Ophiocordyceps kimflemingiae.
PLoS ONE12(11): e0187170
Link to paper  de Bekker, C., Ohm, R.A., Evans, H.C., Brachmann, A., Hughes, D.P. (2017):
Ant-infecting Ophiocordyceps genomes reveal a high diversity of potential behavioral manipulation genes and a possible major role for enterotoxins.
In: Scientific Reports 7(1):12508
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From so simple a beginning: the evolution of behavioral manipulation by fungi.
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Link to paper de Bekker, C., Ohm, R.A., Loreto, R.G., Sebastian, A., Albert, I., Merrow, M., Brachmann, A., Hughes, D.P. (2015):
Gene expression during zombie ant biting behavior reflects the complexity underlying fungal parasitic behavioral manipulation.
In: BMC Genomics 16:620
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Cross-talk in host-parasite associations: what do past and recent proteomics tools tell us?
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Species-specific ant brain manipulation by a specialized fungal parasite.
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Link to paper de Bekker, C., Merrow, M., Hughes, D.P. (2014):
From behavior to mechanisms: An integrative approach to the manipulation by a parasitic fungus (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis s.l.) of its host ants (Camponotus spp.).
In: Integrative and Comparative Biology 54(2), 166-176
Link to paper de Bekker, C., Smith, P.B., Patterson, A.D., Hughes, D.P. (2013):
Metabolomics reveals the heterogeneous response of entomopathogenic fungi in ex vivo cultured insect tissues.
In: PLoS ONE 8(8):e70609

Other Publications:

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Heterogenic expression of genes encoding secreted proteins at the periphery of Aspergillus niger colonies.
In: Environmental Microbiology 13(1), 216-2256
Link to paper de Jong, J.F., Ohm, R.A., de Bekker, C., Wösten, H.A.B., Lugones, L.G. (2010):
Inactivation of ku80 in the mushroom forming fungus Schizophyllum commune decreases transformation efficiency and increases the relative incidence of homologous recombination.
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An enzyme cocktail for efficient protoplast formation in Aspergillus niger.
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The FtsK gamma domain directs oriented DNA translocation by interacting with KOPS.
In: Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 13(11), 965-972

Other Written Contributions (Not Peer-Reviewed):

Link to paper de Bekker, C. (2017):
Manipulating fungi. (written in Dutch: “Manipulatieve schimmels.”)
In: Schimmels. Van plaag tot bouwmeester. Biowetenschappen en Maatschappij, kwartaal 4, 35
Link to paper de Bekker, C., van Veluw, G.J., & Bongaarts, R. (2009):
Analysis and sorting of Aspergillus niger pellets based on size and fluorescence intensity measurements.
In: COPAS QTN 015, 1-4