Student Spotlight – Mayerlin Fischbach

Greetings! I’m an undergraduate senior who plans on continuing my formal education for more years to come. I’ve been working at the UCF Arboretum since December of 2017- and can sincerely say I have cherished every moment I spend in our gardens, natural lands and bustling office. It is an absolute joy working with community members of all backgrounds and deepening their connection to the soil while teaching them about all the work that goes into growing food. While at UCF, I have taken on delightful extracurriculars including being a member and officer of various clubs, volunteering at a wildlife refuge, doing plant research and being a STEM ambassador to teach children about the joys of science.  The hardest part about graduating will be saying goodbye to the wonderful community that exists at the arboretum. I highly recommend everyone get involved with our beautiful program- because only good things have come out of it. The arboretum has shown me endless amounts of love, curiosity, support, connection and community. SO JOIN US!

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