A Passion for Fashion

Jessica Almanla Jewelry resizedUCF alumna launches entrepreneurial jewelry company

Jessica Almanla, ’10, launched her very own online jewelry boutique this summer called Total Betty Society. Prompted by a life-long love for anything fashion related, Almanla quit the corporate routine and fully embraced her passion. Now she is the go-to girl for finding and styling statement accessories that won’t break the bank.

Almanla spent her years at UCF pursuing a bachelor’s degree in interpersonal-organizational communication and was involved in Campus Greek Life as a Delta Delta Delta sister, which she believes created a desire for networking within her community. Total Betty Society fills this role by engaging, inspiring, and connecting women of all ages through a shared appreciation of beauty. She also used these years to grow her social media, public relations, and marketing experience by interning with companies ProductionHub and Shift Marketing. Moreover, post-graduation Almanla worked on social media and search engine marketing with WhosTheBigDog.com, New Whey Nutrition, and Universal Orlando. Because of these experiences, Almanla was prepared to break out of the corporate mold and forge her own path in the business and fashion worlds. These formative years at UCF set the course for her future endeavors, giving her the skills to found and manage a dynamic company.

TotalBettySociety.com combines all the tools a woman could need to live a beautiful, confident, and fashion-forward life. Finding the perfect accessory to match a favorite outfit is stress-free on this website. The clean layout makes navigation simple, and shopping by look, accessory type, or color allows for effective treasure hunting. The Betty Banter Blog section of Almanla’s website has useful tips and tricks on a variety of subjects, from Do It Yourself tutorials to Must-Have Monday stylist picks. And, as Almanla reminds us, “When you become a member of TotalBettySociety.com, an instant ten dollars is added to your account. Inviting friends to join will also help you earn cash towards purchases!” To learn more visit, www.totalbettysociety.com.

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