Anthropology Lecturer Receives Top Award

Vance-GeigerDr. Vance Geiger, associate lecturer in anthropology at UCF, recently received an award that less than one percent of the faculty teaching anthropology courses across North America receive.

The Center for Public Anthropology recognized Geiger for his hard work and dedication to the field by awarding him the Public Anthropology’s Franz Boas Global Citizenship Award .  The award was named to honor the most publicly engaged early founders of American anthropology. It recognizes Geiger’s outstandingly effective participation in Public Anthropology’s Community Action Online Project as well his wider activities in the public sphere.

In his classes, Dr. Geiger gives students the opportunity to become published writers. The Center for Public Anthropology designates a prompt which students must write their opinion on. In the past, Geiger has successfully helped his students win as they showcase their ability to learn effective writing skills while being active global citizens.

“I’m honored,” Geiger said. “I appreciate the recognition from the Center of Public Anthropology and thank Dr. Rob Borofsky for his assistance with the initiative.”

In his courses, he has combined technology with cultural concerns in academic courses.  He demonstrates that together they can positively engage students to participate in the world beyond their academic setting. Broadening student participation takes place while they gain the skills needed for a productive, active life after graduation.

To learn more about the Public Anthropology’s Community Action Online Project click here.

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