Biology student wins scholarship

Sara Bolivar Wagers, UCF biology student, was recently awarded a $5,000 scholarship for books and tuition from the Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund. She will attend an award ceremony at Disney World in October to receive a certificate.

“When I received the great news that I had earned this specific scholarship I couldn’t believe it, tears definitely came to my eyes,” Wagers said. “This award is incredibly helpful as some of the scholarships I had previously earned are only for one academic year, and with tuition increasing I was a little worried about funding some of this year’s tuition.”

Wagers spends all of her time focusing on school and extracurricular activities, which is has helped her fund all of her undergraduate years of study at UCF with various scholarships.

“It also serves as a motivator to keep working hard,” she said. Her plans for this school year include keeping her grades up, starting a new research project, volunteers and working as a peer mentor.

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