Biology Students are Best in Show

Trash TalkersLast week, students competed in the campus wide UCF Service-Learning Showcase.  We had many COS students compete, but three biology students won best in show.  Madison Hall, Lauren Riegler, and Cherri Sookdeo are members of the Trash Talkers and winners of this outstanding award.

“Our project dealt with marine debris, and we presented to 5th graders at Sunrise Elementary. We discussed how different materials degrade (or, alternatively, persist) in the environment, how pollution is transported in the ocean by currents and gyres, and the impacts of marine debris on wildlife. We also included prevention measures in our lesson”, Hall shared.

Other  awards the Trash Talkers won were best project fostering civic responsibility, the award for best project in graduate studies, and the experiential learning award for best overall in project excellence and outstanding commitment to service learning.

The UCF Service Learning Showcase is an opportunity for students to reflect on their accomplishments, share their work, and earn scholarship awards. The Showcase is sponsored by the UCF Office of Experimental Learning. The purpose of the showcase is to provide students involved in community-based learning courses an opportunity to display and present their community projects to academic and public audiences.


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