Communication student organizes anti-bullying week

Abu Ngauja, a UCF sophomore advertising/public relations major and the judicial adviser of the Division of Student Affairs at SGA, helped organize Know Your Rights week and felt that the anti-bullying campaign fit right in with the three-day event.

“One of your rights here at UCF is to feel safe. When you’re bullied, you don’t feel safe; there are people making comments about you and sometimes they’re about threatening your life,” Ngauja said. “I thought it would be really cool to tie it in, just with Know Your Rights, because we needed a day where we feel like we could empower students.”

In the Student Union atrium, SGA gave students and faculty the chance to wear their troubled pasts on their sleeves. After ordering roughly 150 blank gold T-shirts, SGA asked participants to write whatever hurtful names they’ve been called in their life on the fronts of the shirts, while writing positive traits about themselves on the backs.

Read more about Ngauja and the event here.


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