COS Students Win Big at Graduate Research Forum

The 2013 Graduate Research Forum was a huge success, especially for the college of sciences.  COS students swept the mathematics, optics, and physical sciences section, as well as placing in other sections.GRF2013Winners

70 students from the college of sciences competed in the forum.  Of those 70, eight placed in their respective groups. COS students placed in the following sections: Life and Health; Mathematics, Optics, and Physical Sciences; and Social Sciences.

Neha Nayyar, who is a physics graduate student, won the the best poster award in mathematics physics and optics category. Her project was about tuning the plasmonic excitation in nanoparticle chains and their arrays.

When asked why she thought the forum was important Nayyar replied, “First, we learn how to present our work and  it helps when we go to larger scale conferences like APS (American Physical Society). Secondly, the feedback that we get from judges and other colleagues is very valuable. We also get to know what other people are doing which helps in building collaborations, which is a very important part of research now a days.”

The Research Forum is an opportunity for students to showcase their research and creative projects and to receive valuable feedback from faculty judges. Awards for best poster in each category are given and all participants receive recognition.

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