Culture & Cocktails event hosted by COS alumnus

Culture & Cocktails, hosted at the Maitland Art Center, featured poetry readings by local writers and artwork by Andrew Spear.

Andrew Grant is a Nicholson School of Communication graduate from 2005, who has his own style of art. Grant said he liked the concept of Spear’s art in that it presented a different look at the conclusions humans jump to when decimation takes over.

“When people see the turban [in one of the art pieces], they have preconceived notions of war and violence, but all the different colors of the cassettes [in place of a belt of bullets] represent the different nations brought together by music,” Grant said. “Music brings people together.”

And apparently the same goes for disco balls, a recurring theme throughout Spear’s work.

“There has to be a disco ball if there’s going to be an Andrew show,” attendee Debbie Shemanski said.
A disco ball hung from the ceiling in the center of the room while others were being blasted from bazookas in black and white.

Some of the patterns in Spear’s work look like they come straight out of the 60s, while his use of texture throughout locks of hair hold more details. You can read more about the event and the COS graduate here.

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