Distinguished Speaker Series Launches in a Spicy New Venue

DSS Fox Individual Talk 1 v3 No Crops - FINALOn Sept. 9, Dr. James Alan Fox will be kicking off the Distinguished Speaker Series in Winter Park at Cocina 214.
Fox will be speaking about “Mass Shootings in America: Myths and Realities.” Specifically, he will talk about how these events are more methodical than people imagine and that increasing our understanding of mass murders can help us start to decrease their violence.
He will be discussing policies that are more likely to be successful in dealing with and preventing mass shootings as well as policies that will likely be ineffective due to faulty reasoning.
About the Speaker
At Northeastern University in Boston, Fox is The Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, Law and Public Policy.
He has written 18 books and published dozens of journal and magazine articles primarily on multiple murder, youth crime, school and campus violence, workplace violence and capital punishment. But, he didn’t stop there. Fox has also published over 200 op-ed columns in newspapers across the nation. As a member of its Board of Contributors, Fox regularly writes for USA Today and has blogged on “Crime and Punishment” for the Boston Globe in the past. He was also profiled in a two-part cover story in USA Today, which described him as “arguably the nation’s foremost criminologist,” in feature stories in the New York Times and the Scientific American, as well as in other media outlets.
Between writing and being interviewed, he spent time serving as a consulting contributor for Fox News after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and as an NBC News Analyst during the DC Sniper case. He served on President Clinton’s advisory committee on school shootings and was a visiting fellow with the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics focusing on the measurement of homicide trends.
For more information on Dr. James Alan Fox and to RSVP visit his Distinguished Speaker Series page.

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