Event: Science Olympiad National Tournament

The Science Olympiad National Tournament will be held at UCF this year. Science Olympiad is a national organization in which middle and high school students compete as teams of 15 in a variety of science competitions in physics, chemistry, biology, earth space science, and engineering. The events require students to construct pre-built devices, conduct experiments, and demonstrate their knowledge about a wide variety of scientific concepts. Unlike other competitions, student demonstrate their knowledge in day long competition in 23 different events.

The official logo of the 2012 Science Olympiad National Tournament was designed to capture the beauty of Florida, the innovation of the space program and the spirit of Science Olympiad.  Designed to emulate a Space Shuttle mission patch, the logo pays homage to 28 years of Science Olympiad, and 30 years of human spaceflight aboard the Space Shuttle.  Look closely at our logo and you will find elements of many of the Science Olympiad events.

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