Congratulations Fall 2023 Doctoral Graduates! 

This fall, 26 College of Sciences Ph.D. graduates will walk across the stage into futures making an impact in academia and industry. They have dedicated themselves to countless hours of research that have made an impact on both them and those around them. These graduates are now ready for the next step in their careers.   

Here is the full list of College of Sciences Ph.D. graduates. 

Big Data Analytics 

Ngoc Ty Nguyen, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Larry Tang, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Homogeneity Test On Error Rates From Ordinal Scores And Application To Forensic Science” 


Weiwei Gao, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Xiaohu Xia, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Developing platinum‐group metal (PGM) nanostructures as peroxidase mimics for biosensing applications” 

Pooria Golvari, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Stephen Kuebler, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Surface engineering of nanoparticles for efficient polymerization inhibition, catalysis, and plasmonic sensing” 

John Lucchi, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Matthieu Baudelet, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Chemical Approach to Tire Mark Analysis” 

Jordan Stanberry, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Vasileios Anagnostopoulos, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Oxidative Dissolution of Tc(IV) phases by High Valent Manganese Species: Redox Mediated Mobilization of a Risk Driving Radionuclide” 

Conservation Biology 

Federico Borghesi, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Pedro Quintana-Ascencio, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Dormant propagules in demographic studies: A recurrent bias and potential solutions” 

Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology 

Rhyse Bendell, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Florian Jentsch, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “The Interplay of Spatial Ability, Sex, Training Modality, and Environmental Features: Effects on Spatial Cognition, Mental Map Formation, and Wayfinding” 

Fernando Montalvo, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Janan Smither, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Personality Symmetry: Understanding how Social Robot and User Personality Similarity Affects Para-Friendship and Companion Social Robot Use Intention” 

Grace Waldfogle, Ph.D., faculty advisor, James Szalma, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Revisiting the Vigilance Taxonomy: Are Findings Consistent in a Remote Environment?” 

Industrial and Organizational Psychology 

Anthony Naranjo, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Mindy Shoss, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Patterns of Risk Behaviors and their Value: A Latent Class Growth Modeling Approach” 

Alissa Neal, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Barbara Fritzsche, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Patterns of Precarity in Older Workers: A Latent Profile Approach” 

Integrative and Conservation Biology 

Victoria Roberts, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Kristy Lewis, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Study of Clay as a Control Technique for Karenia brevis: Water Chemistry Dynamics and Physiological Impacts on Benthic Invertebrates” 


Xing Fan, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Teng Zhang, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Low Rank Matrix Estimation” 


Didarul Alam, Ph.D., faculty advisors, Volodymyr Turkowski, Ph.D. and Michael Chini, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Probing Electron Correlations with First-Principles Calculations of The High-Harmonic Spectrum in Solids” 

Joshua Forer, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Viatcheslav Kokoouline, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “A theoretical study of elementary processes in interstellar plasma” 

Tianyi Guo, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Debashis Chanda, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Low Energy Photon Detection” 

Swarnadeep Seth, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Aniket Bhattacharya, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “DNA Capture and Translocation through Nanopore” 

Tyrone Thames, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Bo Chen, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Probing of Structures of the Rous Sarcoma Virus Capsid, Amyloid Beta, and Reflectin Proteins” 

Thi Tran Chau Truong, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Michael Chini, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Progress towards Attosecond Science with a Turn-key Industrial-grade Ytterbium Laser” 

Security Studies 

T. Augustine Larmin, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Michael Mousseau, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Violence Against Civilians During Armed Conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa” 

Lawrence Skelly, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Thomas Dolan, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Leadership and Military Power – Can a Leadership Approach Provide a Competitive Advantage?” 

Michael Yekple, Ph.D., faculty advisors, Jonathan Powell, Ph.D. and Konstantin Ash, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Drones, Peacekeeping, and Civilian Protection in Armed Conflict” 


Adrienne Mathews, Ph.D., faculty advisor, J. Scott Carter, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Originalist Framing in Two Civil Rights Cases” 

Strategic Communication 

Laura Boutemen, Ph.D., faculty advisors, Lindsay Morris-Neuberger, Ph.D. and Timothy Sellnow, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Holding an Empathic Lantern to Help Depressed Friends Find their Way Out of the Darkness: An Examination of Intention to Offer Social Support Guided by the Reasoned Action Approach” 

Rebecca Freihaut, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Timothy Sellnow, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “The Study of Crisis Narratives Over Time: Mayfield, Ky in The Aftermath of The December 2021 Tornadoes” 

Tracy Gulliford, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Deanna Sellnow, Ph.D. 

Dissertation: “Student Perceptions of Campus Crime and Victim Services” 

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