First Issue of the Journal of Political Science Education by UCF Professors

The first issue of the Journal of Political Science Education under the new editorship of Kerstin Hamann, Philip H. Pollock and Bruce M. Wilson— all political science professors at UCF —has just been published by Taylor and Francis.

The current issue, Volume 8, Number 3, 2012, contains:

Research articles on teaching and learning
• “Educating for Democracy: Reflections From a Work in Progress,” Barbara Ferman

• “A Computer-Assisted Instruction in Teaching Abstract Statistics to Public Affairs Undergraduates,” Ali Osman Ozturk

• “Fab! or Drab?: Increasing the Effectiveness of Teaching and Learning in Summer Classes,” Mariya Y. Omelicheva

• “Introduction to American Government: What is it Good for? Absolutely Everything,” Mark K. McBeth & Shea K. Robison

Review essay
• “History, Rationality, Narrative, Imagery: A Four-Way Conversation on Teaching the Arab-Israeli Conflict,” Neil Caplan, Wendy Pearlman, Brent E. Sasley & Mira Sucharov

More information about the journal, the official publication of the Political Science Education section of the American Political Science Association, is available at:

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