Fulbright Follows Professor Miller

Story by UCF Nicholson School of Communication News

Ann Miller, Ph.D., associate professor of human communication at NSC, has been invited to become a Fulbright specialist. The grant will allow her the opportunity to spend up to six weeks in East Africa teaching graduate research methods. Miller is slated to follow up with this class in the summer and complete some intensive mentoring with class projects. She will begin teaching in this month and return for the summer near July.

This is not Miller’s first experience with the Fulbright program. She was the recipient of the Fulbright AIDS and AIDS-Related Research Award in 2015. She spent the spring 2015 semester at her host institution, Uganda Christian University. There, she conducted research on the association between youths’ exposure to sexual media content and their sexual attitudes and behavior.

Miller says her purpose is twofold. “In addition to the research, it is about developing relationships and collaboration across national borders.”

Miller also has another connection to East Africa, more specifically to Kenya. She has completed research there on issues related to health communication and HIV since as early as 2005.

“My husband and I were missionaries,” Miller said. “Through a series of circumstances, I found myself at a Christian university, Daystar University, with a large and well-known communication department. The school hosted an International Communication Association conference and that’s where I was. Eventually, I got my master’s degree there.”

She’s excited to return.

“People I know requested the U.S. embassy invite me to teach again this year” she said. “It is very exciting and I’m excited to have it.”

Miller has documented her travels and encounter from her 2015 sabbatical on her blog, www.eastafricansabbatical.blogspot.com. Miller has also published a book, more than 25 peer-reviewed journal articles and more than 20 conference papers. She has received a number of awards and honors.

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