The Future of the U.S.-Saudi Relationship

Part of the University of Central Florida’s Middle East Initiatives, the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research and Studies (PMBF Program) was established as an interdisciplinary and collaborative program which works to enhance debate, dialogue, partnership-building and scholarship in a number of fields: culture, economy, energy, education and U.S.-Saudi relations. The program was also to look at four issues in the broad U.S.-Saudi context: bilateral relations (U.S.-Saudi governmental ties); security (regional security, stability); culture (society, Islam and the West); and economy (business, trade). The PMBF Program, which is part of the College of Sciences and Department of Political Science, stems from a partnership between UCF and Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University (PMU).

Among the Program’s offerings is an array of student research and internship opportunities. This includes providing qualified students an opportunity to conduct independent research. This paper is part of a series of student research publications. The views expressed in this publication are entirely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the staff, officers or advisors of the University of Central Florida’s Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research and Studies or Department of Political Science Department.

We are proud to publish this paper, which was written by recent UCF graduate John Derks. John, who graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, was an undergraduate fellow with the PMBF Program in Spring 2017. Previously, he interned with the UCF Global Perspectives Office, where he researched African development issues. John studied abroad in Rome, Italy, during the summer of 2016 and is currently studying in Lyon, France. He plans to attend graduate school and pursue a master’s degree in Political Science, specializing in Africa.


David Dumke, Director

Read The Future of the U.S.-Saudi Relationship.

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