Get Your Hands Dirty For Science


On Saturday, January 25th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the UCF Biology Field Research Center in Orlando, Fla. will host Meandering: A Community Experience in Creating a River. Created by the Center For Earth Jurisprudence, this event  promises “working with clay, participants will learn the inherent ability of water to define and organize itself, and develop a new understanding of the kinetic, aesthetic, and spiritual properties of water.” Science-minded or environmentally conscious adults and children alike will want to attend this hands-on workshop. The event will be led by Jennifer Greene, executive director of the Water Research Institute. Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day.

Registration for Meander: A Community Experience in Building a River is $15 for the general public and $10 for students. Please register by e-mailing or calling (321) 206-5788.


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