Humberto Campins featured on popular website

Humberto Campins, UCF Physics professor, was recently featured on the popular news website The Register. You can view the full article here.

The Japanese space agency (JAXA) has confirmed a new mission to collect samples from an asteroid and return them safely to earth, and has set the target as 1999 JU3 – one of the damper asteroids in range.

“We’re expecting the asteroid to be rich in hydrated minerals and, we believe, in organic compounds – long carbon chains with hydrogen that may be the building blocks for life for life on Earth,” University of Central Florida professor Humberto Campins, author of a 2009 paper on the asteroid, told The Register. “The last rock JAXA visited was very dry, but this asteroid is primitive, as in it has received very little heating, and it may contain organic materials or even water.”

UCF TODAY also wrote an article featuring Campins, which  you can view here.

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