India Center Non-resident Fellow Presents Talk on Impact Investing

By Puja Shanbhag

Monica Singhania, Ph.D. delivering lecture

On September 28, 2023, the India Center at UCF hosted non-resident Fellow Monica Singhania, Ph.D. for a talk on “Impact Investing and Sustainable Population Growth: Exploring the Linkage.” The talk explored the effects of investing in sustainability on the long-term economic impact in India as the population continues to grow.

Singhania discussed impact investing within the Indian context, making a distinction between philanthropy. For emerging economies such as India, Singhania argued that impact investing has been useful in creating lasting change over donations or philanthropy. Whereas philanthropy is utilized primarily for charity, impact investing seeks a financial return on the initial investment coupled with larger societal or environmental impact. With India’s population growth, investing in communities to create sustainable programs to receive economic return is a more effective way to invest. Singhania explained that impact investing promotes a higher standard of living, economic independence and greater financial security for citizens and businesses.  

Following the presentation, Singhania answered questions from attendees. Leila Chacko, Director of Public Affairs for the India Center, said, “I am happy Dr. Singhania could present her talk on impact investing in person at UCF. Dr. Singhania is a highly regarded economist in India. Her talk offered a perspective on contemporary India’s challenges and opportunities as its population grows.”

The talk was part of Singhania’s weeklong visit to UCF in which she met with faculty, staff and students in her role as India Center non-resident Fellow.

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