Join the Biophysics Group

Inspired by exciting developments in the field of biophysics and motivated by the increase in the number of biophysically oriented faculty at the University of Central Florida, the UCF Biophysics Group was established in October 2002, at the initiative of Dr. S. Tatulian and blessing of the vice president for research Dr. M. J. Soileau.

The UCF Biophysics Group includes faculty members with expertise in biomolecular science, physics, chemistry, optics, and nanoscience. The main objective of the Group has been to organize monthly Biophysics Seminars in order to increase awareness of University-wide research interests, to encourage biophysical studies at UCF, and to foster biophysical discussions and interdisciplinary research collaboration. Numerous faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and invited outside speakers have participated in our seminar series since its inception in 2002.

The UCF Biophysics Group will foster biophysical studies and life sciences as a whole at UCF, synergistically with various departments within the College of Sciences and the new College of Medicine. Learn more and/or join the club here.

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