Knights helping knights

As part of UCF’s 50th Anniversary, the College of Sciences is collecting donated items for the Knights Helping Knights Pantry. To date, COS has collected 1,215.52 pounds of donated items! 
If you would like to donate items, drop them off in the Dean’s Office or any COS departmental office. Learn more about our ongoing and future events in celebration of UCF’s 50th anniversary here.
The Knights Helping Knights Pantry is committed to serving UCF students by providing basic needs including food, clothing and personal hygiene items to foster continued academic success thus increasing retention.

The Knights Pantry offers a variety of nonperishable food items, toiletries and professional/business casual items to our students.

Maintaining our shelves stocked with much needed supplies has become a community wide effort. You can help us continue assisting our students by donating to the pantry today!

Wish List

Food:                                                                                                       Toiletries:

* Protein items such as canned tuna and chicken                 * Soap or body wash

* Peanut butter                                                                                * Deodorant (men and women)

* Canned fruit                                                                                  * Body lotion

* Pasta and sauce                                                                           * Shampoo and Conditioner

* Macaroni & cheese                                                                     * Toothbrushes and toothpaste

* Ramen                                                                                            * Mouthwash

* Hamburger and tuna helper                                                     * Toilet paper

* Pancake mixes

* Cake and brownie mixes

* Cereal

Please be aware we cannot give out expired food.  All expired food is thrown away.

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