Legislative Scholars Embark on a New Journey

At the beginning of this semester, students (at the junior, senior, and graduate level) had the opportunity to apply for the prestigious Legislative Scholars Internship, which takes place every spring semester. Majoring or minoring in public administration, political science, legal studies and communications, each chosen intern will have ability to work with members of the Central Florida Legislative Delegation while spending at least two months in Tallahassee. For this upcoming Spring 2016 semester, four of UCF’s brightest political science students had the honor of being chosen as recipient­s of the Legislative Scholars Internship.

Starting back in 2005, UCF established the Legislative Scholars Internship with 4 interns growing into 14 positions in 2016 providing students with the chance to work in legislative offices. Beginning at the start of the spring semester on January 12, 2015 until the conclusion of the Legislative Session (January 12-March 11, 2016), this full-time stipend position will allow each chosen student to represent UCF as well as gaining valuable experience in conducting research, assisting with constituent relations, and supporting daily operations of a legislative office during the session.

In choosing the interns, students undergo a rigorous application and interview process in which each recipient is reviewed and selected by a committee appointed by the Senior Vice President of University Relations. This committee includes representatives of UCF faculty, staff, and local legislative offices. Successful candidates exhibit strong communication skills, including writing, research and computer skills with an interest in or knowledge of the legislative process. Learning to work in a fast-paced and professional environment, Angel Sanchez who was a chosen candidate for the Spring 2015 semester was able to share the experience he had being apart of this internship program and interning for Senator Soto. Going in with the right mindset, “No matter what the experience or hardship, this ticket was worth paying to see what was behind the curtain.” Challenging to say the least, this internship reaffirmed where he plans on taking his career and built great connections with important people who he plans on working with in the future. He shared his final statement saying, “This might not be your thing, but it can be the thing that gets you to your goal.”

Congratulations to the following political science students on attaining one of UCF’s best internship opportunities:

  • Jamilah Felix
  • Chase Hale
  • Lisa Kauffman
  • Amber Mariano


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