Mike Meeske R-TV Scholarship Recipient Announced

R-TV faculty selected Maria LoPorto as the recipient of the $1,000 Mike Meeske Scholarship. Maria is being recognized for her outstanding work in academics and for her commitment to electronic media as an R-TV undergraduate student. The award was made possible by the Mike Meeske R-TV Scholarship fund, which was established in honor of the late Mike Meeske. Dr. Meeske was one of the founding faculty members of the R-TV program at UCF and served as both R-TV Division Head and Director of the Nicholson School of Communication.

Maria impressed the committee with her extracurricular activities and a strong essay on “How I see my future in radio-television.” Currently a sophomore, Maria is driven by the opportunity to “become an advocate for those who cannot share their amazing stories with the world. I feel it is my duty as a broadcast journalist to let the voices of others be heard throughout the world,” something she’s very excited about. Maria has been working with the UCF chapter of the Radio-Television-Digital News Association during her time here at UCF.

Congratulations, Maria LoPorto!

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