New Associate Dean for the College of Graduate Studies

Jasinski resizedCongratulations to Jana Jasinski on her appointment to Associate Dean for the College of Graduate Studies.  Jasinksi is chair of the department of sociology and has served on the faculty since 1999.

Jana L. Jasinski received her Ph.D. from the University of New Hampshire (1996) where she was also a National Institute of Mental Health Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Family Research Laboratory (1997). Dr. Jasinski’s research interests are in the areas of both lethal and non-lethal interpersonal violence, substance abuse, the response of the criminal justice system to violence, and the negative consequences of child sexual assault. Her research appears in Child Abuse & Neglect, Violence and Victims, Social Science Quarterly, and Journal of Interpersonal violence. She is also the co-editor of two books: Out of the Darkness: Contemporary Perspectives on Family Violence and Partner Violence: A Comprehensive Review of 20 Years of Research.

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