Psychology Appoints Chair

Clint Bowers

Clint Bowers, Ph.D., has been appointed as interim chair of the UCF Psychology Department.

Although this is a new role for Dr. Bowers, UCF is not new to him. For more than 20 years Dr. Bowers has worked at UCF, serving in positions throughout the university.

With a passion for technology, Dr. Bowers oversees the Recent and Emerging Technologies Research Organization (RETRO) laboratory within the UCF Psychology Department. The lab aims to identify aspects of games related to positive learning outcomes as well as translate the science of learning into game design.

Along with gaming evaluation and development, Dr. Bowers studies how gaming and other technology can prevent or treat mental illness. He has developed games to prevent anxiety disorders in the military, treat selective mutism, and to prevent problem drinking among college students.

Dr. Bowers maintains high goals for his time as chair of the psychology department, specifically expanding partnerships and opportunities.

“I’d like to help create resources and opportunities for our excellent younger faculty members,” explained Dr. Bowers. “We’ve recruited some outstanding folks and it would be great to help them thrive. I’m also excited about our new emphasis on job preparation for our undergraduate students.  I’m hoping that will lead to some exciting new partnerships on and off campus.”

Dr. Bowers, born and raised in Maryland, earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of South Carolina and his master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology from the University of South Florida. Prior to his academic career he served as a lieutenant in the US Navy. In his free time Dr. Bowers enjoys spending time with his wife and three dogs and of course playing video games.

Prior to Dr. Bowers’s appointment, Jeffrey Cassisi, Ph.D.,  dedicatedly served as chair of the department for the past five years. Michael Johnson, Ph.D., Dean of the UCF College of Sciences, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the college and the psychology department for his service.

“He has been a strong advocate for the department and has helped advance many parts of its broad mission,” said Dr. Johnson.  “It has been a real pleasure to work with him.”

The UCF College of Sciences and the Psychology Department are excited to welcome Dr. Bowers as chair of the department and thank Dr. Cassisi for his unwavering commitment to his colleagues and students.

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