Nicholson alumni hits Washington

Bianca Fortis, a 2010 Nicholson School of Communication journalism graduate, is the newest enrollee in the Scripps Howard Semester in Washington program. Through this prestigious internship, she will be writing for the Hispanic Link New Service, which focuses on the national Hispanic community.

“Basically, we take any story and find a Hispanic angle on it,” Fortis said in an e-mail interview.

She is working as a reporter interviewing senators and congressmen as they deal with legislation that impacts the Hispanic community. Since Fortis had a tremendous amount of experience with multimedia production with internships at NBC in New York City she will also try to get involved in multimedia side of things during her internship. Fortis has already started the program and seems to be enjoying it.

“I love everything about Washington,” she said. “It’s the epicenter for all things politics and I really like being in that atmosphere.”


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