NSC grad appointed president of American Conference on Diversity

NSC graduate Elizabeth Williams-Riley has been appointed president and CEO of the American Conference on Diversity, announced Theresa de León, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the American Conference on Diversity (www.americanconferennceondiversity.org).

“Elizabeth brings nearly two decades of experience in education, training and consulting on Diversity issues to major corporations, businesses, schools and communities, both nationally and on the local level,” says de León. “We are delighted at her acceptance and look forward to broadening the scope of the American Conference on Diversity through her leadership.”

As the new President and CEO Elizabeth shares her vision for her work and New Jersey’s Diversity, “ My work at the American Conference on Diversity is purpose driven and I am committed to promoting the promise and power in valuing the diversity of NJ and effectively utilizing the rich diversity of our state to practice inclusion. The power among us to create a legacy of inclusion begins with each individual taking responsibility to embrace our differences as assets and not liabilities.”

In 1995, Elizabeth began providing insight and guidance on human relations and diversity initiatives for both adults and youth throughout Central Florida and the United States. She has also provided organizational development assistance, strategic planning, board development, executive coaching and program implementation guidance to nonprofits, corporations, and agencies in the public health sector.

Williams-Riley’s community work includes designing and implementing conferences, trainings, interfaith events, community dialogue forums, cultural awareness events, city-wide cultural celebrations, dramatic presentations, and community service for more than thousands of youth and adults from all segments of the community. She has also served as lead facilitator, panelist and motivational speaker in a number of national initiatives, working with diversity professionals as well as business and other professionals to examine the impact of bias and prejudice in schools, workplaces, faith communities and neighborhoods.

While in Orlando, she served as a Board Member for Tangelo Park YMCA and was a member of the Junior League of Greater Orlando. Elizabeth enhanced and created diversity programs to reach more than 5,000 community members annually. These programs include Metrotown USA, Youth Leadership Diversity Team, Orlando’s Annual MLK Candlelight March and Vigil, NCCJ Thanksgiving Luncheon, NCCJ Humanitarian Awards Dinner, NCCJ Interfaith Multicultural Fair, Police Youth Summit, Community Dialogue and Town Meeting, and NCCJ Walk-As-One walk-a-thon.

Elizabeth is a graduate of Oak Ridge High School and the University of Central Florida.

The work of the American Conference on Diversity is among the most important activities we can participate in to create a positive, inclusive society. It is the unfinished business of living in a highly diverse state: educating and empowering our next generation of leaders; enhancing NJ workplaces; and helping to create inclusive communities. The American Conference on Diversity takes an historic mission and creates programs and activities relevant and vital to 21st Century life. It is a journey we can all take together. The American Conference on Diversity operates eight chapters to help us to educate and empower leaders and bring our messages of inclusion and respect to communities throughout New Jersey

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