NSC steps up to help the Coalition for the Homeless

For the past four years, NSC Assistant Director Boyd Lindsley has volunteered in a few capacities with the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida. 

In light of this connection and NSC staff members exhibiting an interest in volunteering in some capacity, the need for the Coalition’s lobby to be painted resulted in a perfect opportunity.

Although the majority of NSC staff members wanted to attend and assist with the painting, other obligations took precedent.

As a result, Carlos Baez, Danielle Franco, Boyd Lindsley and Kim Tuorto used their own personal time to complete the work on behalf of NSC and the Coalition. Their supplies were donated by the Oviedo Home Depot and the four were able to paint the Coalition’s lobby on Oct.26.

If you would like to learn more about the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, or donate, please visit here: http://www.centralfloridahomeless.org/.

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