Physics student wins research award

UCF Physics Student Christopher Frye won the 2012 Outstanding Student for Undergraduate Research Award from the Society of Physics Students (SPS) earlier this year.

Frye traveled to Utrecht, The Netherlands earlier this month to represent the SPS at the International Conference of Physics Students as part of his award.

He has also been invited to submit a research paper at any of the conferences affiliated with the American Institute of Physics  in the 2012-2013 academic year.

The Society of Physics Students was formed in 1968 with a constitution that combined its two “parent” organizations, The AIP Student Sections and the Sigma Pi Sigma honor society. SPS now has over 700 chapters on campuses across the country. About 5,000 students take part in chapter activities each year, making SPS the fourth largest physics society in the country. The associated honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma, now exists in about 450 of those chapters with over 75,000 inductees throughout its history.

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