Physics workshop Dec. 20-22

UCF is hosting the workshop “Quantum Coherent Properties of Spins III” from Dec. 20-22.

It is the third part in a series that was created to give scientists working in the field of magnetism and spin phenomena an opportunity to get together to discuss and present their latest results.

This workshop focuses on problems associated with the collective quantum properties of assemblies of spins, including decoherence, experiments on relevant systems, numerical work on aspects of this physics and review of some of the chemistry of these systems, particularly magnetic molecules.

The workshop will include 30-50 participants and guest speakers from the United States and abroad. Organizers include UCF professors Eduardo Mucciolo and Enrique del Barco, Stephen Hill from FSU and Philip Stamp from UBC.

The series started in 2008 at Tulane University in New Orleans and the second conference was held last year at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

For more information regarding the workshop, please visit the conference website here.


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