PMBF Director Speaks at House of Lords

David Dumke and Lord Ahmed of Rotherham

The Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research & Studies continues to work through a busy summer schedule, highlighted by a presentation to the Parliament of the United Kingdom by PMBF Director David Dumke. Dumke was a guest of the Right Honorable Lord Ahmed of Rotherham. He spoke to the House of Lords on July 9 about diplomacy and protocol in the Islamic world.

“It was an honor to speak to such an august audience at such a distinguished setting. It is always important to discuss key issues, and understanding how others see and interact with the world is important to decision-makers in the West, be they in London, Washington, Tallahassee or elsewhere,” noted Dumke.

Dumke spoke at a special symposium organized and moderated by Lord Ahmed, and was joined by several other notable experts. The symposium, “Diplomacy and Protocol in Islam,” was timed around the publication of a book with a similar title written by Saudi Prince Faisal bin Mishal bin Saud Al Saud. The Prince has written a series of books about Islam and Saudi governance. He currently is governor of Al Qassim Region. Prince Faisal has long been supportive of UCF’s efforts to build relations in Saudi Arabia.

Lord Ahmed, who in 1998 became the first Muslim appointed to the House of Lords, has worked continuously to promote understanding of Islam and build bridges between the West and Islamic worlds. This includes numerous undertakings in the United States to support programs like UCF’s PMBF Program.

“We are appreciative of Lord Ahmed for providing us a platform to not only discuss and debate important concepts, but to promote UCF’s efforts to increase knowledge and awareness. We look forward to future events and would welcome working with Parliament in the future,” added Dumke.

The London event was cosponsored by NAAM Association, a non-government organization devoted to cultural dialog which is headed largely by Saudi civic and business leaders. NAAM often partners with other non-government organizations to accomplish dialog and social development goals.

In addition to the House of Lords, PMBF participated in a series of international events on Middle East-related issues this summer. This included three events in Washington, DC, and a conference in Madrid, Spain. Topics ranged from water and food security issues to U.S. relations with Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

For additional information about the PMBF Program, please contact Kinda Haddad at, or by calling (407) 823-2510.

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