Political Science Students Place at SURE



The department is proud to congratulate our undergraduate students on their success at the Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE). SURE is a poster-or display-based forum for UCF undergraduates to present their research and creative projects to the broader university community. Undergraduates from all disciplines are encouraged to present current or recently completed academic projects showcasing the diversity of topics, approaches, and interests at UCF. The showcase took place on April 3, 2014. More information about SURE can be found here.


Julio Montanez

A Political Science major, Julio was a second place winner at the Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence. He presented a poster presentation titled “Social Policy Positions of Undergraduate Students at a Large University in the Southeastern United States.” This research focused on assessing the opinions of undergraduate students on various policies that pertain the the gay community. His research mentor for the project is Dr. Terri S. Fine.

Hanady Nabut 

An International and Global Studies major and economics minor, Hanady Nabut was a second place winner at the Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence. Her research, Women and Economic Empowerment in MENA, was focused on identifying the factors that inhibited female labor force participation in the Middle East and North Africa. She also proposed recommendations at the local, state, and international levels to target the issue. Hanady will be traveling to the Middle East this summer to continue her research and collect primary data. Her research mentor for the project is Dr. Houman Sadri.

Amber Szalanski

One of our political science student assistants, an Interdisciplinary Studies Major (Environmental Studies Track), was a second place winner at the Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence. Her research was answering the question, “What is the relationship between hydraulic fracturing disclosure regulations and the revenue generated by state in the United States?” She created a database of various important components that are regulated in disclosures, and quantified them by looking at the strength and absence or presence of the statement, to compile a quantitative measure of the strength of the overall law. After this, she compared it to state generated revenues from natural gas. Her research mentor for the project is Dr. Peter Jacques.

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