Professor Recognized For His Work Combating Human Trafficking

A UCF Sociology professor was recognized recently for his work to combat human trafficking in Central Florida.

Jay Corzine, Ph.D., received the Polaris Award from the Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force in conjunction with three years of researching criminal trends and patterns among phone calls to hotlines and trafficking survivors receiving services. The task force encompasses an eight-county area and blends the expertise of law enforcement, social service agencies, non-governmental agencies and faith-based organizations to combat human trafficking. This was the first year the award was given in the “educational institution” category.

Corzine and his team of researchers supplied an analytical approach to assist investigators in tracking the movements and motivations of traffickers and their victims. That research included breaking down the percentages of labor trafficking versus sex trafficking and exploring trends like national origin and gender of victims.

The results allowed the task force to apply limited resources to the most pressing needs and designate areas of priority. That’s a reward in of itself, Corzine said, but the award is appreciated.

“It’s a good feeling when your work is recognized,” Corzine said.

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