Professorial Fellow Appointment

UCF Psychology faculty member Mindy Shoss, Ph.D., has been named a Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Human Resource Management and Wellbeing at Australian Catholic University (ACU).

In addition to her appointment, she has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the International Research Symposium on Social Identity in the Workplace and Employee Engagement this November in Sydney, Australia.

Since January of this year Dr. Shoss has served as an associate professor in the UCF Psychology Department and currently serves as the Director of the UCF Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology Ph.D. program.

Dr. Shoss is a leading scholar in the study of employee well-being, using it as a lens through which to examine leadership, counterproductive workplace behavior, adaptability, job insecurity, and the consequences of economic crises.

Dr. Shoss holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Houston. She pairs this background with baccalaureate training in both psychology and economics from Washington University in St. Louis, where she graduated summa cum laude and received Phi Beta Kappa honors. Before coming to UCF, she served on the faculty at Saint Louis University.

Her research has been published in some of the world’s leading HR/OB journals, including recent articles in Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Human Resource Management Review, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Journal of Business Ethics, amongst many others. She currently serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Occupational Health Psychology and Stress and Health. A common theme throughout her work is that organizational features that threaten well-being are inherently unsustainable because when people suffer, business suffers as well.

Dr. Shoss expressed her honor upon being named as a professorial fellow at ACU’s Centre for Sustainable Human Resource Management and Wellbeing.

“The Centre has rapidly established itself as one of Australasia’s leading homes of world-class research in the domains of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. It brings together a prestigious group of international scholars to examine critical issues surrounding the interplay of work, well-being, and sustainable growth,” said Dr. Shoss. “I look forward to contributing to the Centre’s agenda, collaborating with colleagues, and striving to make a positive impact on the lives of workers across the globe.”

Read the release from the initiator of Dr. Shoss’ appointment, Thomas Lange, Ph.D., Associate Dean (Research) and Founding Director of the Centre for Sustainable HRM & Wellbeing.

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