Psychology Lecturer Awarded for Innovative Writing

Martha Hubertz, Ph.D., a lecturer in Psychology, has been awarded the 2019 Schell Award for Innovative Writing in the Disciplines by the Writing Across the Curriculum Program. The program improves student learning through discipline-specific writing instructions.

The WAC Program collaborates with UCF faculty from all departments and disciplines to assist with the creation of college-wide sets of writing instruction across curriculum.

Hubertz received $500 in travel funds to present at an academic conference in her discipline on a WAC-related topic.

Hubertz primarily teaches online and mixed mode courses, and developed techniques to get her students to be active writers in class. After noticing many students in upper-division psychology classes had not been exposed to APA format or scientific writing, Hubertz created exercises that built in to a larger APA format paper. She also used a variety of cooperative learning strategies and small group work to improve their written and oral communication skills.

“Even in the online classes I have taught, I attempt to tie course information to current events and the other disciplines, and I find that students respond well to this interdisciplinary approach to teaching,” Hubertz said. “In other words, I feel strongly that, regardless of class size, modality or level, students should be appropriately challenged, engaged and demonstrate critical thinking.”

Participating in WAC allowed Hubertz to refine her learning objectives and provide clear instructions for students. Hubertz’s students felt as though the assignments she created helped them learn APA format, and taught them how to connect what they were reading to their lives.

“Participating in the WAC program and winning the WAC award has been gratifying and helped to convince me that my efforts in emphasizing writing in my classes have been well worthwhile,” Hubertz said.

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