Psychology professor leads social phobia program

It’s normal for many kids to go through an introverted phase where they act shy and reticent in social situations.

But for some kids, their excessive shyness turns into a social phobia, one that hinders how they live their daily lives. Children with a social phobia don’t do well in school as they’re afraid to speak to their teachers or participate in activities with other children. If you feel your child suffers from this phobia, the University of Central Florida is offering a way to help.

UCF’s Anxiety Disorders Clinic is recruiting children with social phobias for free treatment at its facility. Children must be between the ages of 8 and 17.

“We’re teaching children the skills they need and getting them to practice in real-life settings,” said clinic director Deborah Beidel, of the UCF Psychology department, in a release.

Trained graduate students and researchers will work with the children and may take them on miniature golf, restaurant and bowling outings with children who are very social by nature. Learn more here.

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