Psychology student promotes veganism in downtown Orlando

UCF Psychology student Keila Villageas has been providing vegan samples in conjunction with the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, which set up in downtown Orlando recently to promote veganism by providing free food samples and also to protest the treatment of animals in the meat industry. She said her love of animals drew her to the organization. 

“I’m against animal cruelty and I don’t agree with how factory farms are treating animals,” she said. “Of course, I want to be healthy, but it’s more so for the animals. I just don’t like the way they’re treated.”

Members from the foundation were on the corner of Church Street and Orange Avenue, providing samples of vegan hot dogs and vegan Boca burgers. Bryan Wilson, Central Florida coordinator for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, said that being vegan is good for many reasons.

“It’s kinder for the environment, and it’s definitely nicer on the animals,” he said. “With more than nine billion animals being killed every year for food production, it’s unnecessary. We live happier diets, we live healthier diets, by adopting a vegan diet. Nothing has to die.”

Read more about the Villageas and the ARFF in this article by the Central Florida Future by clicking  here.

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