Psychology student wins scholarship money from blogging

UCF psychology student Destiny Watson was looking for scholarships online when she discovered CollegeNet, a website where students can blog competitively for scholarship money.

Watson began blogging about things that interested her including the First Amendment, sports, raising money to pay for college and and body image. She blogged everyday and eventually won $1000 for being on a “top ten” list for ten weeks straight. Then Watson was chosen as the top blogger of the week by her peers who also blog for the site and won almost $4,000, which she will use for tuition and books.

“You can talk about whatever you like, which is really cool, and get responses, and learn through the site. I definitely recommend it to people who need money to pay for college. If you’re consistent, you’ll win,” said Watson, who wants to be a clinical psychologist.

CollegeNet is based in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 1977 with its flagship product, Schedule 25, a software algorithm created by CollegeNet’s founder and president, Jim Wolfston. The company recently awarded their millionth dollar in scholarship money through their blogging contest. Read more about the site and Watson’s blogging here. You can read all of Watson’s posts and watch her videos here.

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