Realists, nationalists and globalists and the nature of contemporary rising powers

Political Science Assistant Professor Dr. Nikola Mirilovic recently had a co-authored chapter published. The chapter was entitled “Realists, Nationalists and Globalists and the Nature of Contemporary Rising Powers” and was co-authored with with Deepa Ollapally of the George Washington University. 

It was published last month in “Worldviews of Aspiring Powers: Domestic Foreign Policy Debates in China, India, Iran, Japan and Russia” by Oxford University Press. The book has received blurbs from prominent experts including Jim Hoagland of the Washington Post, and David Miliband, former UK Foreign Secretary.Dr. Mirilovic’s chapter examines cross-national trends in international relations debates within contemporary aspiring powers. It is linked to his larger research agenda because it examines the domestic political sources of international relations developments.
Worldviews of Aspiring Powers provides a serious study of the domestic foreign policy debates in five world powers who have gained more influence as the US’s has waned: China, Japan, India, Russia and Iran. Featuring a leading regional scholar for each essay, each essay identifies the most important domestic schools of thought–nationalists, realists, globalists, idealists/exceptionalists–and connects them to the historical and institutional sources that fuel each nation’s foreign policy experience.
Read more about the book here. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

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