NSCM Alumna Carried Her Dreams to L.A. for Shark Tank Internship 

Natalie Gooch took her dreams to L.A. as an intern on the hit ABC show, Shark Tank. Gooch graduated from the Nicholson School of Communication and Media in Summer 2023 with a degree in Media Production and Management.  

Natalie Gooch sitting on the set of Shark Tank

She recently completed the highly competitive Clay Newbill Shark Tank Internship in Los Angeles, California. Newbill is a Nicholson School of Communication and Media graduate and the producer of Shark Tank. His support enables Nicholson students to bring their studies to life with professional industry experience.  

“The internship has given me the opportunity to explore different areas of television production, allowing me to get a sense of the different career paths I could pursue,” shared Gooch.  

Her internship led to a full-time position as Office Production Assistant, which she is doing currently.  

Follow along to hear what Gooch had to say about her experience on the set of Shark Tank.  

Why did you decide to apply to this internship? 

When I first heard about the Shark Tank internship, I knew I had to apply. I knew it would be difficult to land, but even the application process was valuable enough for me. I saw it as a reason to improve my portfolio, practice communication and see how my interests might line up with the job market.  

What are some of your favorite experiences on the show so far? 

I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the work that goes into making the show. Working alongside some of the industry’s finest professionals is incredible. It takes hundreds of crew members to make the show, and it’s really cool to pick their brains and see their perspective.  

Even through the roughest of times, we still support each other and get the job done. Other than the camaraderie, my favorite experiences have been seeing beautiful ideas come to fruition. I can’t go into specifics, but there’s a special episode that had a lot of us working around the clock to produce. It’s really rewarding to see everyone’s efforts succeed in an incredible way that audiences will love.  

How has Clay Newbill made an impact on you? 

Clay Newbill is an Executive Producer for Shark Tank and has essentially brought the show to where it is today in its 15th season. He created the internship program and scholarship to support fellow UCF Knights in the television industry. It’s incredibly difficult to break into the industry, but Clay’s internship program gets you in the door and networking with lots of people.  

Has this internship influenced your career goals or given you clearer direction? 

The internship has absolutely given me clearer direction! When I first started, I wasn’t sure I wanted to work in television at all. I thought I’d give it a try and see how I liked it. Long story short, I discovered my interests on the technical side—anything from building cameras to automating certain tasks. I’m so thankful for the internship showing me what’s possible. 

What advice do you have for other students applying for this internship?

Honestly? Just go for it! I didn’t have much experience when I applied, but I was ready to work and had an open mind. Also, don’t be intimidated by the idea of moving across the country to work on the show. The internship program is accommodating and goes with your pace, and everyone is more than happy to show you the ropes. If you like to work and learn new things, give it a go! 

Learn more about the film and mass media programs at the Nicholson School of Communication and Media.  

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