Effects of Hurricane Sandy on Homeless

Sociology Doctoral Candidate Marc Settembrino recently received a “quick response grant” from the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado-Boulder to study the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the homeless living in New Jersey.

As part of his research, Settembrino will travel to Hoboken and Atlantic City to conduct interviews with homeless men and women and service providers. This study will document their experiences during and in the time since the “super storm” and will provide new insights into how the homeless manage their risks to natural hazards.

This project compliments Settembrino’s current dissertation research which examines natural hazards vulnerability among the homeless in Central Florida.

The Quick Response Grant Program provides funds for researchers to quickly travel to disaster-affected areas to capture perishable data. In addition to expanding academic knowledge, funded researchers submit brief reports that make preliminary analyses of recent events available to the Hazards Center’s multidisciplinary network of researchers, practitioners, and educators. The program promotes innovation in disaster research by favoring students, new researchers, and novel areas of study.

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