Student research work recognized with awards

Several students from the College of Sciences were recently awarded for their hard work at the 2011 UCF Graduate Research Forum. Their official award was for outstanding presentations.

Joanna Fletcher,  an Anthropology student, won for her research titled “Monitoring the Applicability of Ground-Penetrating Radar on Detecting Shallow Graves Using Proxy Cadavers.”

William Hawkins, an Anthropology student, won for his research titled “Monitoring the Long-Term Applicability of Ground-Penetrating Radar Using Proxy Cadavers.”

Silki Arora, a Physics student, won for research on “Volume and Structural Changes in Single Red Blood Cell Investigated by Direct Optical Imaging and Spatially Resolved Absorption Spectroscopy.”

Kristina Kraakmo, from the Mathematics department, won for her research titled “Numerical Simulations for Cratering Effects of Rocket Exhaust on Soil.”

Astha Malhotra, from the Chemistry department, won for research on “Buffer-Stable Fluorescent Chitosan-PGA Hybrid Nanoparticles.”

For a full list of winners please click here.

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