Students create film about fame

A team of UCF film school students and graduates began shooting a feature-length film titled 15 Minutes of Faye in Bradenton, Fla. this week. Once completed, the low-budget production, which is part of writer and director Joshua Ingle’s master’s thesis, is to be submitted to film festivals worldwide with hopes of gaining recognition from a film distribution company.

15 Minutes of Faye is strongly influenced by a specific genre of film dubbed “mumblecore,” defined by its use of digital cameras, low production costs and character-driven storytelling. The dark romantic comedy thematically revolves around Western culture’s idolization of fame.

“The script was born out of my frustration with my generation’s sense of entitlement and some personal encounters with massively narcissistic people,” said Ingle, a student in the Film Master of Fine Arts program. “I want to make a movie which turns the mirror back on these people, and comedy is the perfect disassociating agent. Laughter is a great way to provoke thought and positive change.”

The film’s producer, UCF alumnus Addison Bryan, said the crew is shooting scenes at private residences, Sarasota Bradenton International Airport and Regatta Pointe Marina at the start of production. They are focused mainly on scenes driven by dialogueuntil they begin filming in Sarasota’s Cock & Bull Pub – a location that will involve an actual concert featuring local bands and hundreds of extras, according to Ingle.

Bryan said the film has an amazing cast that was hand-picked from a very talented pool of actors from Los Angeles, Orlando and Sarasota.

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