Student’s research focuses on blindfolded strangers

Joshua Moussa, a UCF psychology student, is leading the research and development initiatives for Pick Your New Opportunities, an organization that introduces people to new acquaintances while blindfolded.

“Everyone has a fear. We are so into our phones or on the computer and we have Facebook, but it’s not the real way to meet someone. This encourages people to take the mask off and express themselves more fully,” Moussa said. “It’s about meeting new people and creating new opportunities to meet others that can go on to be a friend, co-worker or even date. I’m just the facilitator.”

Pick Your New Opportunities describes the benefits of the experience on their website, which reads “by blindfolding and introducing people you can set the mood for open communication, active listening, and visual bias free interaction.”

Learn more about the organization’s most recent event at Florida International University in Miami, Florida by clicking here.

Connect with Pick Your New Opportunities and/or have them come to your classroom here.


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