Top European University Taps Physics Professor for Visit

A UCF Physics professor was honored this summer with a visiting professorship at one of the top universities in Europe.

Alfons Schulte, Ph.D., spent two months at the Technical University of Munich as an August-Wilhelm Scheer visiting professor. The professorship is awarded to scientists with high international research reputations seeking to collaborate with TUM researchers.  In collaboration with his host, Professor Christine M. Papadakis and the Soft Matter Physics team, Schulte studied the dynamics of responsive polymers in aqueous solutions under high pressure. This technique controls the phase behavior of synthetic and biological polymers in water. Applications of their work includes developing medical drug carriers in which the release of small molecules is triggered by external stimuli.

“I was excited. It’s a very prestigious award,” Schulte said.

Schulte noted that the visit opened up future opportunities for UCF students to participate in the collaboration.

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