Professors Attend and Present at SPSA

January 3-5 was the annual Southern Political Science Association’s annual meeting. Some of UCF’s professors presented papers at the SPSA conference. Here is a list of some of the participants and their papers.

Dr. Paul Vasquez “Australia’s Conscription-based About-face: Contrasting Opposition to the First World War and the Vietnam War.”

Dr. Bruce Wilson “Making ‘Parchment Guarantees’ Real: Twenty Years of Costa Rica’s Constitutional Chamber’s Jurisprudence.”

Dr. Kerstin Hamann Hamann, Kerstin, Alison Johnston, and John Kelly. “Striking Concessions from Governments: Explaining the Success of General Strikes in Western Europe, 1980-2009.”

Hamann, Kerstin and Philip H. Pollock. “Federalism and Voter Turnout: Comparing Spain and Germany.”

Dr. Drew Lanier Hendershot, Marc, Mark S. Hurwitz, Drew Noble Lanier, and Richard Pacelle. 2013. “Legal and Legislative Landmarks: Exploring Majoritarian Trends Between Branches.”

Dr. Aubrey Jewett “Florida Congressional Redistricting in 2012: An Assessment of Fairness.”

Dr. David Houghton “The Diversionary Theory of War, Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Social Constructivist Theory.”

The purpose of SPSA is to publish professional journals, to improve teaching, to promote interest and research in theoretical and practical political problems, to encourage communication and to develop standards of competence and respect between persons engaged in the professional study and practice of government and politics. SPSA was established in 1994 and membership is available to current professionals in the field, retired professionals, and students.

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